We are a dedicated and mature team of online game developers. We have been working on a groundbreaking and unique multiplayer online game concept for several years and just recently went commercially live. We are now looking for "live" team members who can join us to provide continued development as well as help us keep our players happy.

Currently all employment is by contingency contract based on speculative payment against future revenues. We are entirely self-funded and must create the revenue to pay ourselves. If you think that you can fill any of these needs listed below, and believe you are able to make a difference in helping to reach that goal, then send us an email with your resume and a note with why you'd like to join our team to ge@intelgames.com. If you fit our program, we'd love to have you on board with us!


Work directly with our Lead Programmer to help us maintain and develop our game, gameserver, admin and billing systems and to help us develop new and better methods of serving our players. Since we are a virtual team, our team mate will need a good work ethic and ability to work in a team with minimum supervision required. Our team mate will have a good sense of testing his own work to be certain that it is ready for production and be a good program documenter.

Requirements: Unix, Java, database administration skills helpful, SQL, network theory, familiarity with Windows platfrom, system administration skills, some HTML, IMAP, Jabber server, TCP/IP. Familiarity with WebObjects and OpenBase database and added plus. Other skills brought to the table such as PHP would be welcome as well.


This is an opportunity to join a special project and to add a working game to your resume and to help us fund and pay ourselves now that we are in commerical launch. If you can share our passion, you will help develop one of the more important directions of online games for years to come. This is a position of maturity where as a member of a virtual team you must be self-directed and responsible for your own results.

Here's what we need from you.

Experienced programmer in Visual Studio. Some basic experience in Photoshop, animation, networking, Unix, GUI programming. Good software engineering practices. Good communication and writing skills.

Pluses: Knowledge and experience in web programming with HTML, DHTML,Java, Java-script, PHP, IMAP, SMTP and/or TCP/IP. Artistic, design and/or creative skills with 3D Max or Lightwave. Visual Basic, database management and SQL, DirectX, Sprites - 2D graphics programming in any language, animation. OpenBase Database environment, Instant Messenger technology.

While our team is essentially virtual and you will work with other team members all across the United States we would prefer that you be physically located in Southern California. where you can work directly with the artist and designer to quickly pick up the context of the art design and user interface.

If you think you are a special tlent that wants to make a difference then we have a position where you can make your mark in the online game business.


We are looking for one or two people who will help us manage one of the most interesting web forums on the Internet, the Imperial Senate Forums for Imperial Wars. Primary responsibilities will be working as liaison between Players and Dev Team. You will be helping with game problems, game bugs, and online customer service. You will help maintain the physical forums and shaping the forums by moving and editing threads and helping Citizens build a community around IWars. You will be asked to play and become extremely familiar with IWars. You also may be asked to help with the production of the Imperial Dispatch, Imperial Wars newsletter.

Your personality will be representing IWars so we are looking for a person who wants to help players and who wants to help make things go right. You must have superior written communication skills. If this sounds like you.


Our system administrator does a lot more than set passwords. You will need to know how to setup a Linux server from the ground up. We'll want you to administrate the servers that the developers use, the test server, the game server, be able to set up and maintain a web server, ftp server, mail server, Messenger server and setup and maintain web boards. We'll also be looking to you for advice and for researching the best methods and products available to manage our dev environment and our game environment. Any experience with online patch servers, a plus.


As we move from development into production we are expecting a very active game community. We need our online team, CM, Web Dev and Web Master to form a solid team that can be responsive online to the communities needs. As a web master, you're responsibility will be to work with the ILG team to implement a web design that will reflect the player desires and to help the dev team communicate with the players. You should have good HTML, DHTML skills, knowledge of Studio MX a plus. You should have a working knowledge of a good paint, drawing and animation applications such as PhotoShop, Fireworks, Flash and CorelDraw or Illustrator. PHP is a major plus!


In an online game environment a web developer has a lot of responsibility. Not only will you be working with the online community team but also working directly with the lead programmer and lead designer to build and implement the client accounts site, the maintenance sites and all of the other services that will be necessary for running IWars in a production environment. A proficient knowledge of Java, html, xml, and experience in a Linux environment will be required. Knowledge of Web Objects and online database management a plus.


If any of these positions sound like you and you have a lot of passion for games, and you recognize that we're all working speculatively to create our own futures, than you may be the team member we've been waiting for. Contact us at:


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