Getting Started! Three steps!

1. Install Imperial Wars (The Free SANDBOX Games)

2. Register an Account

3. Request A Game

The first goal of the Quick Start Tutorial is to get your Game Client installed and show you how to look at the Sandbox games. We'll also cover how to get your Account registered and how to Request a game so that you can begin play. In QUICK START TWO, we’ll cover the second and third goals, getting your first couple of turns made to help you get started.

You will need the following minimum computer requirements to play Imperial Wars:

    • Windows 9.x, 2K, NT or XP Operating System
    • For Win98/ME, make sure you are running as few other programs as possible
    • Pentium II processor with 400 MHz clock speed
    • Video card capable of 16 bit color and resolution of 800 x 600
    • 50 Megabytes of hard drive space
    • 128 Mb of RAM.
    • Optional sound card
    • An Internet connection through an Internet Provider, 56K or above recommended


Before opening an Account and paying the Registration fee, the IWars Game Client must be installed and we recommend trying out the Sandbox games. Sandbox games are completely Free and do not require registering the Game Client. If you decide you want to continue and play in an actual IWars Universe, then you can take step 2, open an Account, which Registers the Game Client, and then 3 Request a game.

  1. If you haven’t downloaded the game, go to the http://iwars.org/downloads and download the most current version of Imperial Wars by clicking directly on the file name. It’s file name will contain the term – ImperialWarsClientSetup, followed by a date, followed by a two digit version number and it will be an exe file in the following format.


  1.  It is approximately 25 Mbs. If you are using a dial up service to download the game, you may want to let it run at night or use one of the Download Manager products available at Tucows or Software.com. With a fast connection it will take just a few minutes. Make certain you keep track of the path or directory where your download is being saved.
  1. In the Patch column of the downloads page, check the “Patch” date to see if it is later than the Setup date. If it is later than the setup file, then you will need to download this patch as well. Patch files will contain the term – Iwars, followed by a date, followed by a version number and will be an exe file. See Patching below for patch instructions following your installation.
  1. Find the downloaded Setup file on your computer. Double-click on the ImperialWarsCllientSetup file described in step 1 above and follow the instructions to install the game. It will make patching much easier later if you let the installer put the game in the default directory it chooses, in most cases that is C:/Program Files/Intelligent Life Games/Imperial Wars.

Now that you have successfully installed Imperial Wars, you can run it from the Start menu or the desktop icon.


If you needed the Patch, from the Client Download section above, and have downloaded it you, there are few simple steps to follow to complete your setup.

  1. Find the patch file where it has been saved on your computer.
  2. Double-clicking on the downloaded patch file will automatically start and bring your game client up to date.
  1. Run Imperial Wars from the Windows Start Programs menu or your desktop icon normally.



It might help you to get a taste of what playing Imperial Wars is like to try out the “Sandbox” game. This game universe runs turns everyday and here you can experiment or learn more about the gameplay mechanics of Imperial Wars. Anybody with an Imperial Wars game client can login and experiment with a single move or many moves for Free. If you are not sure what IWars is like we recommend this as a way to assure yourself that this is a game you think you would enjoy. While it cannot give you the intensity of a fully populated game universe you can experiment with the game mechanics. We highly recommend this as a way to judge the game rather than entering a game and then leaving it because it wasn’t what you thought it would be. This double-check helps insure that you will get into a good game universe and, for just a little extra time spent, helps you be certain that you’ve found an activity that will be fun for you.

Quick Start Two and the Player’s Manual will give you suggestions for things to try out in this universe. The Sandbox is reset every 25 turns or so.

To Login to the Sandbox, open your Imperial Wars game client and click on Play Imperial Wars. In the Log on to Server screen type Sandbox in the Screen Name text box and sandbox in the password text box. Note different capitalization - all lower case for the password.

Click on GO TO MY EMPIRE and a list of all the various universes available and the character type. Choose any player and to go to their empire. The Sandbox game will move each time a move is Submitted in the War Room.

NOTE: There are also Sandbox games at SCREEN NAME: Sandbox1, PASSWORD: sandbox. Screen Name and Password are case sensitive. This Sandbox game shows an entire game with individual player games that you can look into and move. This Sandbox game moves once daily. See Quick Start Two for more about how to make moves.



Your Account Registers your Game Client and a lets you choose a unique Screen Name that will be your anonymous handle or “non de plume” within the Imperial Wars community. It also entitles you to play in the complete universe games and entitles you to permanent updates for the downloaded version of Imperial Wars. Open your Account from the installed Imperial Wars Game Client by starting Imperial Wars, clicking on PLAY IMPERIAL WARS and clicking on OPEN ACCOUNT in the Client Login screen as illustrated below.


Once opened, locate and click the PLAY IMPERIAL WARS button to login in to the game servers.


In the Client Login screen, locate and click OPEN AN ACCOUNT, as illustrated.

Complete the Account page required information fields and click Submit. You can change your account information after your registration has been completed by editing your account from the Client Login screen or from the My Imperial Wars Account navigation button at the Imperial Wars website or at http://iwars.org/login.

An Activation code will be immediately mailed to the email account you entered into the Account screen. See Completing your Account Activation below.

Completing your Account Activation:

  • Complete your Account Activation using one of the following methods:
    1. Copy and paste the Activation code from email into the waiting Account Activation screen, or
    2. Open your browser to http://iwars.org/login and copy and paste the Activation code into the Account Activation screen, or
    3. Click on the link in the email message that will open up the Account Activation screen and copy the Activation code into it.

    Your email account is crucial to playing Imperial Wars. At this account you will receive notification of all important game events, including your acceptance into a game universe, and when turns are complete.

    Registration Payment: When you have successfully Activated your Account, you will be passed to the Secure Server Payment Method screen to complete your payment information for your Registration fee. Enter your Credit Card information here to complete your registration. This process all establishes your subscription.Your subscription will not start until a game has actually begun and you will not be charged when you are not in a game. If you have free promotional time, it will be automatically credited to your account.



Once you have, 1) an installed Imperial Wars Game Client and 2) an Activated Account, you are ready to join a real universe. You will choose a character type and enter into the game queue. Since each Universe is constructed specifically for you and your fellow Starlords, the IWars server will continually check for the proper mix of characters in the queue and when one of the combinations can be fulfilled a brand new unique universe will be created for you. You should not have to wait long, new universes are opening up all the time.

You Request a game from your Game Client. If Imperial Wars Game Client is not already open, open it from the Start Programs menu. In the Opening screen or the desktop icon, locate and click on the PLAY IMPERIAL WARS button.

In the Client Login screen locate and click on REQUEST GAME OR REQUEST CHANGE button, as illustrated here. This will take you to the Request Game Queue.

There are three main element choices to make in the Request screen. An illustration of the Request Game screen is show below.

To Request A Game Follow the steps below:

  1. Choosing a character to play - There are seven boxes that you can use to select a character type to play in the priority you would prefer to play. If for instance, your first choice is to play as a Baron but you wouldn’t mind playing a Philosopher if that would form a Universe quicker, then you would choose Baron in the first combo box and Philosopher in the second.  If those two choices weren’t immediately available, and you would be willing to play any available character, that choice could be made in combo box 3 by choosing Any Player. But if you are determined to play a Terminator only then choose a Terminator in the first box and leave the other six boxes Unused.
  1. Choosing a name for your player – Names have been pre-generated for your player that you may use but you can change it by simply over-writing it with another name. You are playing from a god-like view so bear that in mind. Try to stay within the spirit of the game. Your player name is the first impression that you give anyone who meets you in the game and is an important aspect of your character and you will have it for a long time.
  1. Choosing a final score - The final option is to choose your request for a final score. You can choose a value between 15,000 and 20,000. The default value is set halfway at 17,500. The Universe you enter will end when the average final score selected by all 16 players in a universe has been met or exceeded. Different characters score in different ways and you may find it helpful to explore the character descriptions to determine whether a shorter or longer game benefits your choice.

Once you are satisfied with your choices, click on the SIGN-UP button and you will be notified by email that your Game Request has been recorded. You can revisit this page anytime from your Imperial Wars Game Client’s Login screen to make changes in your character choices by repeating the steps above. Once the players who have requested games can be matched into a universe, a unique universe will be constructed for you and your fellow Starlords to inhabit – game on!

REMOVING YOUR PLAYER FROM THE QUEUE You can remove your player from the game request queue, by returning to the Request Game Queue (Client Login screen -> Request A Game), by setting all of the boxes to Unused and Submitting the Change.

You can follow the progress of the player matching process by clicking on UNIVERSE QUEUE at the Imperial Wars website (or http://iwars.org/queue). It updates every minute but you can set it for faster or slower updating if you wish.

CHANGING QUEUE INFORMATION: You can also re-enter the Queue and make changes to your request or delete your player by clicking on the Request A Game button from your Game Client, making and submitting the changes.

WATCH YOUR EMAIL: You cannot enter your new universe until it has been created so watch for notification of universe creation. When players are available to form a universe, you will receive a notification in your email telling you that your game has started. You will have 24 hours to respond and to make your first move. First moves are very simple but critically important as they set the players in the universe in motion. Check the QUICK START – Turns 1 & 2 online document for help on how to play these two introductory turns.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an email account that can be refused due to an overfilled Inbox or any other limitations, such as a spam filter make sure that it is working and able to accept mail or you’ll miss your game notifications.