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Birth of a Rebel
Meet Melissa Hooven

Birth of a rebel, how Melissa Hoven modeled to become our NPC rebel character


The Imperial Dispatch Newsletters

"Imperial Wars has exceeded my expectations. I knew when I read the design document that it had the 'simple complexity' that always results in a great game, with exceptionally high re-playability and fun. It is that and much more;"

- Aaron Cammarata
Designer, Tony Hawk, Pro Skater
Versions 1,2,3,& 4
IWars beta tester


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  • World-HW
    New Homeworld with 5 orbiting star fleet engines waiting for ships and commands to enter stargate
  • Fleet-screen
    All fleets owned by a player are shown in an integrated Fleet Screen. Various star fleet actions and transactions are controlled from this scren.
  • Buy-Ships
    Buying ships from the fleet transaction screen. Star fleets with ships can be flown through the stargate to nearby worlds. Distance depends upon the ship types on the fleet.
  • Starmap
    The starmap is a representation of the worlds a player has visited, or a map received as a gift from another player. Filters on the right allow focusing on certain worlds. Bright worlds are current view, grayed worlds are no longer in the current view. Double-clicking on a world takes you to its world screen.
  • Starmap2
    This starmap is from a further advanced point in the game. There are 350 worlds in each Universe but a player can only see those worlds he has visited and game maps given during the game. Views are only 'real-time' for players with a 'presence' at a world.
  • Buy-Factories-or-Mines
    Buying Factories and Mines at a world creates raw materials to build ships and the world's economy.
  • Buy-Forts-or-Robots
    Buying fortresses and/or robots at a world can protect it from maurading enemies.
  • World-screen---artifacts
    A world showing artifacts. Gems have values at the end of the game as do relics. Jewels of Power not only have value but give powers to the fleets or worlds where they reside.
  • Planet-screen
    This is a world with it's planet screen open to display its properties and transaction screens.
  • Destroyed-World
    Worlds can be destroyed by planet busters, especially prized by Terminators. Fleets arrving here will lose their ships and be scattered through the stargate. These worlds will degrade into black holes over time.
  • Black-Hole
    Black hole, fleets arriving here are sent to a random stargate somewhere in the universe. Wormholes are similar except the are permanently attached to another world and can be accessed in both directions.
  • Imperial-World
    Only Imperial Worlds have special ancient galactic relics and weapons, like cloaking devices and planet busters and more ...
  • Fleet-Attack
    Fleets from different owners attack (or defend) for right to capture unowned fleet engines.
  • Warlord-Info-&-Help
    Character information for the seven character types in Imperial Wars is very important to how the game is played. It can be accessed for reference from various points in the game. This is the Warlord's information.
  • War-room
    A major portion of the game is played in a 'social' environment called the War Room. In this place above the universe, players keep track of the big picture, contact other players and perform universe-wide actions.
  • Declare-Relationship
    Declaring a "Player You Have Met" as an Ally, Neutral or Enemy changes your rights in their worlds. These rights are modified by their declaration of a relationship with you.
  • Mailbox
    Each player has an ingame email that is populated with other players from the game as they are met or introduced to one another. Mail is run from the War Room.
  • Request-Game
    Once an account is open, players begin games by making some early decisions about their characters and how the game will end before entering the game queue.


Placing the cursor over the image above will cause it to pause until you move the cursor away. This is helpful if you are trying to read the descriptions at the bottom of each screen.


These screenshots help illustrate some of the mechanics of the game however, the Characters properties are what drive the game and determine how these mechanics are applied. Be sure to take a moment to look at Characters along with the screenshots..